Multi-annual planning has always been considered an area of high-end knowledge, usually reserved for national and elite coaches. Even USA Swimming acknowledges the utmost importance of this kind of planning, and in order to improve the quality of coaching in general suggests that coaches:  

  • Prepare and execute daily plans
  • Record "everything" coaches do in practice
  • Constantly evaluate and adjust training plans
  • Use test sets
  • Evaluate end-season progressions and performance

While all this sounds OK on the surface, actually keeping daily records for all of your athletes, and then taking the time to evaluate each of them later is in reality a nightmare. We say this based on our experience of working with elite level coaches over the past 40 years. And if the top coaches in the world can't do it with all the assistant coaches they have, we really don't expect the typical high school or collegiate coach to be able to do it either... UNTIL NOW.


The 3S Tool Box is designed to help a coach address all these elements... simply, efficiently, and accurately. And today we are introducing a  revolutionary new feature, our Multi-Annual Development tool. By using our new MAD tool, coaches can finally understand how to analyze and work with the multi-annual development of their althletes on a season by season basis.


For the last 10 years 3S has helped guide coaches unerringly to the targets and goals they've wanted, allowing them to navigate their season with confidence and precision instead of doubt and hope. This season we've taken a big leap forward that will let you do even more.


Of course you will still be able to calculate optimum training loads, sets, and workouts and place them in the proper sequence... but now you can also track individual or group progressions from season to season and compare current results to ones achieved with past strategies, and even measure your success based on progression rates achieved against competing coaches!